Interhack is a program designed to enhance your NetHack experience. You can recolor any message or item, view any level you've visited, and lots more. It's designed from the ground up to be very pluggable; you can have only what you want to have, and if you want something that no one has done before, it should be painless to add it. It's also designed for server play, especially

Interhack is written by Shawn M Moore (Eidolos/Sartak), Jordan Lewis (toft), and Jesse Luehrs (doy). It is released under the MIT license, so you can do almost anything you'd like with it. Of course, if you do something neat, we'd love to hear about it.


The Interhack developers and users hang out in #interhack on There's no mailing list, but if anyone turns out to be interested in this thing I'll set one up.



See the FAQ.


The preferred way to get Interhack is through the GitHub repository.

git clone git://


Interhack has many plugins. The most useful ones are listed in the Features section.

There is also an exhaustive list.


See the development page for information on getting involved in Interhack development.